Saturday, February 13, 2010

mobile phone

I want to listen the conversation of the mobile phone of my daughter. How can i do this. what i have to do for it. I cannot touch her mobile phone.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sir, I have heavly constructed 2 story building 2400 sq ft along with 2600 sq ft open land within a well maintained bounndry at best location in SASARAM TOWN,BIHAR.And i am intreasted to install a mobile Tower of any reputed company.But not getting any proper guidence for the same.Plz guide me positively,so that i could do at an early.cont-9431737554,06542-240562.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Mobile number portability

You can blame it on the cell phone operaters lobby and officials who give into their pressure

Friday, August 28, 2009

idea net setter

i purchased idia net setter with imei :353474021383120 & s/n no--d82aa108a2802981 with cell no--9623056098 four days before in akola maharashtra from poinear idea shoroom in akola and when i plugged in it was horrible... it is giving only 2 to 8 kb/s...and i was garuteed for more then 150 kb/s ...i have called the seller as well as company customar care many times but no response and they talking arogantely truly it is a very bad idea..i am not going to purchase idea product next time...andf i want to refund my money i want to take a drastic action on such a company which miguide the customarby fake add.


deepak sharma


cell no--9890207602

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

iPhone in India

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the iPhone in India is dirt cheap compared to the United States. The cost of the service plans in India are incredibly cheap. Through Vodafone India, the minimum TCO for two years is about $700 while through ATT in the United States the TCO for two years is over $2000. That would be the cost of the handheld which is subsidized plus the cost of the service plan which is where the money is of course. The unlimited data plan is not really unlimited as every user has a typical usage amount. 99.9% of iphone users are below 200MB and the average use is around 150 MB. So, the Vodafone service plans are just fine. Basically, an iphone plan through Vodafone is $16 per month and includes 200MB of data and even if you go over so what? Your average user in India is never going to reach $80 per month which is what the minimum cost is for having an iPhone service plan through ATT USA. We have no $16 option like you do in India. You Indian analysts need some pointers on how to make realistic comparisons. Forget the data comparison, just compare voice plans and text messaging rates. In the USA, incoming calls are charged from your minutes. In the USA, you cannot send text messages on an individual basis for a cheap rate os 1 Rupee like you can in India. Once again, you have to commit to a monthly plan whether you actually need those messages or not.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

apple iphone 3gs

i’m from indonesia….i want to buy apple iphone 3g from singapore…can i unlock all program n used it at indonesia???
I hear this phone must be unlock first..
N how much the price must i pay for unlock all n can be used in indonesia…please reply at my email…thx

Nokia N86 8MP

Perhaps, Nokia N86 8MP is one of the best camera – phones available in the world. I am using this gadget for little over a week. The pictures are fairly sharp with natural colours and depth. Communication capabilities are very good. I am very satisfied with its performance.

mpower 309

i want to puchase a new mpower 309 phone please rate & its characterstics

motorola rokr india

I have been using the rokr for the past year and a half… I have a problem with the phone now… it doesnt recognise any simcard… when ever I insert any simcard it says no sim card antena on/ poweroff. its been an awesome phone… does anybody know what this problem is?

Saturday, July 04, 2009

aircel distributor for belgaum

sir my name is nagesh sir i am interested in becoming aircel distributor for belgaum district please kindly give the adress to whom to contact my email add is